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Apex Legends No Recoil

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This Apex Legends No Recoil script will ensure that your bullets don’t scatter and prevent your gun from recoiling. It includes an Autohotkey script that will help minimize weapon recoil. The script automatically detects your weapon, and you no longer need to press F. XD).
The detection is based on a straightforward and naive strategy (I call it three-pixel-detection).

The Apex Legends No Recoil Script, one of the Best Cheats and Hacks for Apex Legends, is relatively safe, and it simply captures some pixels and then uses mouse DllCall (to move your mouse). If you need more protection, run the compiled version. Current weapon support for Apex Legends No recoil Script: R99 and R301, Flatline and Spitfire, Havoc and Prowler. Devotion and L-Star are also available.

Apex Legends No Recoil known bugs

#1 Apex Legends No Recoil Script does not recognize weapon switching after (Weapon Auto_Cycle is enabled on empty in the game. If you empty the gun, the game will change the gun, and the no-recoil script won’t recognize it.) (Added a code but this is still buggy.

#2. If you double-click on throwables in your backpack, Apex Legends no Recoil Script won’t recognize switching between gun and throwable. (If auto_fire is on), the throwable will throw itself by clicking the left mouse (U can’t hold it).

Bugfix: A code was added to check for an equipped gun by pressing the tab. This is because changing the attachments or weapon slots in your backpack is possible.

Apex Legends No Recoil spray patterns 

We have created an image that shows the exact recoil pattern for each weapon in Apex Legends to help you understand the spray pattern.Please be aware that the spray for each weapon starts at the lowest and moves towards the highest — this is marked by the green dot. These patterns were created by firing a standard magazine.

Apex Legends No Recoil

How to Use Apex Legends No Recoil Script

  1. First, download the script .Our Web Site .
  2. Run the Apex Legends
  3. Also, download the AutoHotkey first
  4. You can also download AHK Script below.
  5. Ini
  6. As admin, run Start.ahk
  7. You can do whatever you want.
  8. Secondary fire button set to 9 (Otherwise, P2020 or Hemlok auto-fire will not work).
  9. To exit the script, press END on keyboard
  10. Enjoy!
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